About us

Taiwan Precision Fastener Co., Ltd (TPF) has been serving fastener industry for many years. In the beginning, we manufactures screws for our local customers and now we started toward the world.  TPF owns many patents about screws. TPF R&D policy is to design and develop 1~2 new innovative products each year. We sincere hope that we can help our customers to expand their product line and take advantage of our products to create a new Blue Ocean.

Taiwan Precision Fastener Co., Ltd (TPF) is a full service fastener manufacturer. TPF pays the utmost attention to take care of customers’ demand. No matter what project you are working on, we deliver the exact fasteners and tools to you on time. If we cannot produce the fasteners by ourselves, we also have outstanding out-sourcing team to select proper producers to meet our worldwide customers’ requirement of quality since we have really nice relationship with our hundreds of suppliers. Therefore, you take care of your customers and we take care of all other details.

A world of total solutions is at your fingertips so send us your engineering drawing or samples today.